Experience the Reserve

Guided Tours and Birdwatching

Lake Montepulciano Nature Reserve is the ideal place for birdwatching. Not only because the presence of numerous privileged observation points, such as the Watchtower, makes it possible for disabled visitors and those with mobility difficulties to take part in birdwatching activities, but also because it is home to birds which simply cannot be found anywhere else. The lake itself, which just happens to be situated along one of the main migratory routes, is a strategic resting point for many birds, which find a perfect and peaceful habitat here, with some of them actually nesting during their stay. Being in a Specially Protected Area, you will be accompanied by the staff of the Visitors’ Centre, not only to the Watchtower but also along the footpaths within the Nature Reserve, to a hide from which you can see some interesting and spectacular birds. Whatever you choose to do, it is necessary to book in advance, to make sure that our staff are available and also for information on the dates and times of our birdwatching activities.