Experience the Reserve

Tour del Chiaro

This circular itinerary takes you around the entire perimeter of the nature reserve. A distance of 12 km that can be covered in complete safety, on foot or by mountain bike. The route is very flat but can be subject to very slight variations depending on the water level which sometimes slightly floods some stretches of the path in the event of heavy rain. In this case, in a short stretch, you may have to tackle a rise in height of about 30 metres.

The Tour includes a long stretch of the Tuscan cycle and footpath of the Sentiero della Bonifica, which runs past the hygrophilous woods in the western part of the reserve. The part of the reserve furthest to the east is characterised by the rural landscapes of Umbria and comprises a brief stretch through the hills, offering a beautiful view of Lake Montepulciano from above. Below this hillock there is a small beach, where you will often find people fishing.