Lake Montepulciano Reserve

Lake Montepulciano Nature Reserve protects a precious wetland complex of great natural value covering an area of 453 hectares in the Sienese Valdichiana, near the Umbrian border. The boundaries of the reserve coincide almost identically with the area of the “Nature 2000 Network Site” (ZSC-ZPS SIC IT5190009) of the same name.
The western reed beds and the lake, with a maximum depth of three metres, extend over areas of 167 and 170 hectares, respectively. Small areas of meadows and wetland forest complete the ecological area.
The “Canale Maestro della Chiana” is both the lake’s main tributary and the only outlet, connecting this habitat area with the Special Protection Zone (Nature 2000 Network Site ZSC/ZPS SIC IT5190009). Together, these two wetlands comprise the last vestiges of the great marshes that once occupied much of Valdichiana prior to the onset of the great Renaissance reclamation works.

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