The Friends of Lake Montepulciano

The “Amici del Lago di Montepulciano” [Friends of Lake Montepulciano] is a section of the “Tre Berte” Association, a group of people who are very close and active in the recovery and maintenance of local culture, paying particular attention to rural values, farming traditions, sports and social activities.

The “Amici del Lago” section concentrates its activity on managing the Nature Reserve, organising guided tours, events for children, adults and families, logistical support for visitors, courses, conferences and seminars on nature and the environment. It also exercises direct control over the observance of the rules, which are very simple, by those who want to spend a little time in the Montepulciano Lake area, which is beautiful but very delicately balanced.

The headquarters of the “Amici del Lago” is the Visitors’ Centre, “La Casetta”, which is the hub of everything that happens in the Lake Montepulciano Nature Reserve.

Visitors’ Centre and Contacts

The Visitors’ Centre is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and on Wednesdays, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. However, it is always best to call to check, as staff may be busy accompanying visitors on a tour. Bookings of facilities and the Guest House must all be made at the Visitors’ Centre, which is also the point of reference for all kinds of assistance. The Centre is also home to the small but very interesting museum “Mestieri e ricordi del Lago” [Crafts and Memories of the Lake], an exhibition of fossils found in the area (the Mario Morellini collection), the refreshment service, a detached section of the Piero Calamandrei Archive Library and an auditorium with seating for about 100 people.